Thursday 1st July 2021

The Product Wall

Have you seen our Product Wall?

We put together this Product Wall to show you, our wonderful customers, exactly what materials and print varieties we offer.

Thanks to our flatbed printer, we can print onto almost any flat surface. This means we can get even more creative with your signage. This also gives a longer the list of materials available to you.

We have direct printed onto various woods and metals as well as clear and coloured acrylic. Clear acrylic can also be reverse printed, giving a glossier finish.

Something else we include on our product wall is the fixings that we have available. There are several possible mounting styles including different sizes of stand-offs and locators.

To see a closer view of our Product Wall and all the materials, head over to our Instagram page. You will find all the information about each display piece. Why not give us a follow whilst you are there? We showcase a range of our most recent work and more.