Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Signs

Make your brand really stand out… even after dark!

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     Illuminated Signs

    Illuminated signs are a great way to catch your customer’s eye and another reason for them to come to you! These signs are suitable for use inside or out and in a range of different places.  Externally, you can use LED halo-lit or backlit lettering for a fascia or a light-box for a projection sign. Internally, we offer signs for all areas such as walls or reception desks. Our backlit flex-face signs are also available to make full size art, branding or ad pieces stand out.


    The Styles

    Halo Illumination

    Halo lighting sits behind built-up lettering or logos to offer a soft glow effect, making the sign stand out with style. It also adds a highlight to the backdrop to help showcase any features behind the signs.

    Illuminated 3d build up fascia sign for Palm Pan Asia, Winchester Ruma halo lit 3D letters mounted on marble tiling

    LED Signs

    Our LED Signs are one of the more popular choices of illuminated sign. They are LED strips housed in built-up letters or logos with a translucent coloured acrylic face.

    Another option we offer is the faux-neon sign perfect for the home or the office. LED lights placed in a bevelled acrylic channel with a translucent rubber tubing make up our neon effect signs.

    Station Barbers illuminated letters in window Eighty Eights takeaway logo blue illuminated window sign Faux-neon yellow and red Guiness sign on sofa



    The lightbox sign is perfect for attracting attention in a range of places. We make these signs as projection signs for shop exteriors and flex-face with interchangeable material fronts.

    Tanoshi Fusion lightbox illuminated projection sign above fascia Illuminated Electric Studio lightbox on palm frond wallpaper wall


    Backlit Fret-cut Signs

    The Fret-cut signs are trays with lettering and/or logos cut out of them, often with an acrylic insert to flood the LED lights. This gives your sign a clean and professional finish that stands out with style. We offer these in a range of colours and sizes for varying styles and effects.

    Backlit Rawlings Opticians fascia sign Interior backlit fret-cut Charters sign


    Trough Lighting

    Trough Lighting is an elegant, slim lighting solution that is also very affordable. It is located over the signs to flood it with light from a short distance. They can be used on a variety of signs and are commonly used on fascias and sometimes on panel & post signs.

    Academy Home Improvements shopfront red fascia with yellow and white acrylic flat cut lettering Lainston House black panel and post sign with gold cut-vinyl and white acrylic lettering in field behind wall


    Call us today

    With a huge choice of lighting colours and materials, your illuminated sign will shine brightly, day and night. Take a look to see the various types of illuminated sign installs our creative team have completed.

    See something you like? Get in touch for a quote on your bespoke illuminated signs.

    Illuminated Signs

    Charters Group


    Installed April 2022

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