3D Build Up Signs

3D Build Up Signs

They quite literally stand out!

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    3D Build Up Signs

    A 3D Build Up Sign is an impactful sign that can transform your business image. They can be manufactured to almost any size and from a range of materials.

    We can create built up lettering using a range of metals from steel to aluminium and others. The metals can be used for the framework to the lettering as well as for the face. We can also make them with acrylic faces of varying colours and transparency that can include lighting. Our team can build these in any colour to match your branding to perfection.

    If you aren’t looking for anything too deep, we can flat-cut Acrylic in sizes up to 10mm or PVC Foamex up to 19mm. These offer a more shallow 3D effect with the added option of direct printing for more design choice.


    Light them up

    Illuminate your 3D lettering for added effect at night. With LED lights, we can add halo lighting to your sign for a bright glow that is sure to attract attention.


    Get in touch

    There are so many options to play with, you can have some fun with 3D Signs.

    Contact us to find out more and order your 3D Build up Signs.