Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Signs

The signs that guide you.

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    What are Wayfinding Signs?

    Wayfinding signs are a must for any business that needs to direct patrons to or around their premises. Used inside or outside to point customers towards your business, or help navigate your building.

    We offer all sorts of directional signage to suit in a variety of materials to suit your business branding. Our wayfinding signs can be manufactured any material from wood to acrylic, aluminium to vinyl and more.

    They are designed to reassure visitors and help get them to the place they need to be.


    Types of Way finders

    These signs aren’t always in the form of arrows pointing in a direction. Maps to help you locate your way around places can also be considered way finders. You will often see these signs around places like shopping centres, zoos and activity parks.

    Another common sign we produce for guidance, is the industrial estate or business park directory. These signs are found on the entry to any business park to help locate specific buildings on the site.

    The Brooks shopping centre wayfinding information map Marwell zoo panel and post sign map of the grounds Moorside Place business park blue wayfinding sign


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