Paint Protection

Protect your vehicle with premium coatings.

We offer Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coatings for your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film commonly known as PPF is the ultimate method to protect your vehicles paintwork. It protects against daily wear and tear, stone chips and light scratches while on the road.

PPF is made from a tough, flexible, self adhesive polyurethane film. It is optically clear and self-healing.

We can apply or wrap it onto almost any painted area requiring protection.

The PPF is designed and pre-cut precisely for each specific panel. This ensures that there is NEVER any cutting on the vehicle whatsoever, leaving a flawless & virtually invisible finish.

Some of the other benefits are, it’s UV stable. This allows the Sun’s UV rays to penetrate the film and fade the paintwork in a uniform fashion at the same rate as unprotected paintwork.

Backed with a manufacturer’s warranty against cracking, peeling, staining, hazing and yellowing. It’s a great investment to maximising a car’s re-sale value. It also helps keep your vehicle’s paint in amazing condition for years to come.

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