Artwork Guidance

A handy guide for your artwork.

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    Your Artwork

    If you are providing us with your own artwork, this downloadable guide can help. By following our guidelines, you will provide us with the best possible files to work with. This will help make our job easier so we can provide you with your signs and graphics faster.

    This file will help guide you through the best formats as well as colours, fonts and more.

    Content of the PDF

    The Artwork Guidance PDF offers you guidelines on how to prepare your files before you send them to us. We go over the use of CMYK and RGB colours and how printed products can differ from screens, as well as how to prepare your font in your digital design files. In addition to this, we have information on vector files and the best formats to save your files as, along with what files formats won’t work. Other elements of the PDF to take note of are Image Resolution, Transparency and Overprint. The final part of the print guidance sheet details the use of bleed on your artwork, when it is required and why. It also comes with a Print Sizes sheet to show standard sizes for your various stationery products.



    Follow this guidance for the most efficient way of working with us.

    If you have any questions regarding setting up your artwork, feel free to get in touch and our team can help.

    Just click the link below and download our Artwork Guidance Sheet straight away.