Roll Up Banner Stands

Affordable, compact and impactful.

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    Roll up Banners

    Made in-house, the Roll Up Banner is one of the most popular exhibition signs we provide. They are affordable, compact and durable making them the perfect banner for most exhibitions. They can be used as an additional promotion piece to accompany your Modular Displays, or on their own to promote your business in any exhibition or event. You hold the banner in place with a pole that runs down the centre of the rear, inserting in the top bar and base.


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    We print your graphics on a PVC material that we attach to a roller. You can then retract the banner into the base with ease. The base is housed in a casing built with aluminium on top and plastic underneath. The standard size for these Roller banners is 800mm wide with a height of up to 2000mm. Other widths are available upon request. Your roll up banner also comes with a handy bag to carry your graphics between events.



    The trusty roll up is easy to carry and small enough to travel well. It is a great way of making your presence felt at events and exhibitions. Another benefit is that once you own the base, your graphics can be easily replaced with a new design.

    We offer plenty of choice and are happy to advise on what you need. Our expert team of designers can also help with your designs and your branding style if required.

    Check out our gallery for inspiration. For more on roller banners, call us.