Jude’s Ice Cream

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Jude’s Ice Cream for the last 12 years. Nothing gets our mouths watering quite like the design and creation of signs listing all the delicious flavours this brand has to offer! 

Jude’s is a prime example of how we can provide a wide range of branded signage to meet the differing needs of a business with our bespoke solutions. 

Jude’s as a Brand

Jude’s are immediately recognisable for their crisp blue and white stripes – Found on their tubs, marketing materials and even branded vehicles. 

As well as crafting those delicious ‘stripey tubs of joy’ they are also a certified B corporation and are committed to stepping as lightly on our planet as possible. 

With ranges of ice cream aimed at celebrity chefs, children and even dogs, they’re taking the chilled dessert world by the serving spoon. 

You can get the full ‘scoop’ over at judes.com.

Project Highlight: Branded Vehicles

The impact and scope of having branded vehicles – From one to a whole fleet – should not be underestimated. 

Branded vehicles give your business the chance to come out on the road with you, reach new customers and shout about your brand wherever you are. 

With Jude’s, it was a case of transferring that recognisable blue from tub to van. Full vehicle wraps mean you can get into every curve on your vehicle, transforming it from a van to a marketing vessel. 


Project Highlight: Wall Vinyl

Branded office space is increasing in popularity – Gone are the days of blank white walls! Your office is like your very own blank canvas that you can make unique and bespoke to your business and brand identity. 

Jude’s have done just this with a huge vinyl logo in their brand colour of sky blue across a focus wall in their Winchester based office. A wall that otherwise would have been blank, yet now stands proud.

Don’t underestimate the positive impact that branded office space can have on employee camaraderie, fostering a real sense of belonging to the brand they’re working so hard for. 

Project Highlight: Chalkboard Style Signage

This blackboard-effect signage is perfect for menu boards and similar requirements. 

These signs were made for Jude’s vendors; the monochrome blackboard style fits in easily with the branding of other cafe’s and kiosks whilst keeping Jude’s familiar font. 

Project Highlight: Stationary

We have an extensive range of branded stationary, with options to suit every requirement. For Jude’s, we created their recognisable blue and white stripe on a range of items to increase their brand visibility wherever possible.

Their branded stationary included:

Branded, Bespoke Signage to Suit a Range of Client Requirements

Jude’s ice cream is an excellent example of how different signage options can bring bespoke solutions to a vast range of requirements, creating a cohesive brand identity across varying mediums. 

From vehicle wraps to wall vinyl in office spaces – Jude’s shows how you can take bespoke branding for your business with you, wherever you are. Whether you’re out on the road or sat at your desk, these branded signage options keep your brand at the heart of all you do. 

Our signage service for Jude’s also illustrates how branded stationary and signage can carry your brand through to your vendors and customers. Customised signage makes your brand easily recognisable from things as simple as company logos, fonts and colours. Jude’s utilises their easy-to-spot blue and white stripe and discernible font so that customers can easily find their favourite scoop, no matter the cafe or kiosk. 

Here at Mint Signs, we love to really get to know our clients and deliver exceptional attention to detail on all our signage services. We’re really proud of the partnership we’ve got with Jude’s and the signage we’ve been able to create for them. We think it’s pretty cool…