Friday 1st April 2022

Getting Creative

We’ve upped our game!

Let us introduce to you our Kongsberg milling machine…

The Kongsberg X Edge!

As you can see in the video, we can cut a wide range of materials to almost any shape with the Kongsberg Milling Table.

We purchased this piece of equipment in May of 2021 to step up our sign making possibilities. Now, with almost a year of training and experience with the machine, we know what it’s capable of.

This machine can offer you so much more than just signs and graphics. It has a number of attachments that make it suitable for different tasks. It can cut, crease and mill so we can change the way we make your signs.

The Kongsberg X Edge will accurately cut –

PVC – Banner and Foamex
Aluminium Composite (ACM)
Soft Woods
Canvas material

Putting it to good use…

This past Christmas, our design team was set a challenge to come up with something a little different for our cards. With the milling machine on hand, we took full advantage, creating these…

We think our cracker cut Christmas cards came out looking great.

We’d love to keep making your different ideas for shaped signage. If you’re looking for an A-board with a difference, or your logo cut out of wood, ACM or PVC, get in touch.