Monday 1st August 2022

Our Guide to Vinyl

Vehicle graphics are one of the most popular products we offer. People take a lot of pride in their vehicles and want them to look the very best. Whether it’s a simple decal, a full wrap or companies converting a whole fleet, we do it all.

We work with new and established businesses as well as individuals looking to personalise their ride. With this in mind, we like to use the best products on the market.


The Products

There are many vinyl options available for your vehicle, but we pride ourselves on our work, therefore, we use only the best. Brands like 3M and Avery Dennison lead the way in the wrapping industry for colour-change on vehicles. We also use Arlon for our Printed Wraps and Vehicle Livery.



A household name and one of the biggest brands in the adhesive’s world, 3M create a range of colour-change wraps. They come in a wide variety of styles, colours and finishes to make your vehicle stand out from the rest – See for yourself!

This wrap material has acrylic-based air release channels to assist with the application process. This ensures that any bubbles that appear in installation can be easily worked out leaving a perfect finish on your panels.

3M wrap material can be removed later for anyone looking to return their vehicle to the original colour.

3M wrap rolls of carbon fibre, metallic blue and pearlescent white

Avery Dennison

Avery’s Supreme wrap is another very popular choice for people looking to wrap a vehicle. It is a 4.5mm thick, dual-layer vinyl that boasts outstanding durability and performance. Like 3M, it also has the air-release feature for quicker installation and high-quality results. It is also removable if necessary, leaving a clean finish.

This material is also available in a vast array of different colours and finishes to choose from – Discover more here.


Avery Dennison Supreme wrap rolls of rock grey, metallic blue and lime green


Arlon vinyl comes in a range of colours as well as the option for custom printable wrap. We commonly use this brand for our fleet and vehicle livery wraps where multiple colours and graphics need to be printed.

They also offer a range of colour-change options and finishes as well as reflective vinyl for those who require a little more pop at night.


Arlon wrap door shut vinyl detailing colourful design


Chapter 8 graphics

Some vehicles require Chapter 8 chevron graphics. These are high visibility reflective markings that are required on every vehicle that will be stationary on 50mph+ roads. You will have seen these on Highway Maintenance and Emergency response vehicles.


Hampshire and Isle of Wight green and yellow air ambulance with Chapter 8 chevron kit

In Summary

Mint Signs are fully equipped to fulfil all the requirements necessary to brand or customise your vehicles. These brands are the most highly regarded in the vinyl world for vehicle colour change and graphics so you can trust in their quality.

We can provide you with the materials for you to give it a go yourselves. Or you can bring your vehicle to us and we will do it all for you. Get in touch today to find out more.

Watch our full wrap and de-chrome video to see our process.