Transformative Architectural Decor

When we talk about vinyl wrapping, architectural decor might not be the first thing that comes to mind! But our clever machinery and innovative use of signage technology makes it possible for your decor ideas to come to life, creating effective and creative vinyl wraps for both business and home use. 


Architectural Decor for Business

Vinyl wraps are a straightforward way to freshen up the look of your space. With our seamless application, a vinyl wrap can add a splash of colour and bespoke design to your whole aesthetic.


Client Highlight: High End, Luxury Brand

We’ve been working with this high-end client for just over a year now, and have had the privilege to provide various types of signage for their offices and big branded launches. 

One project was to wrap a table in carbon fibre – An excellent example of how using a vinyl wrap can completely transform your business or event space. 


Client Highlight – Spinnaker Tower

It’s amazing what some wallpaper and 3D lettering can do!

Visually impressive for the outside, we worked with Spinnaker Tower to make sure the architectural decor inside made an impact too.

This unique space was transformed with large areas of on-bran wallpaper alongside some visually arresting 3D lettering.

The overall effect was high impact, matching the overall energy of the space.


Rebrand with Architectural Decor

A complete rebrand and image overhaul for a business can be pricey. Using vinyl wraps can enable you to get the rebrand you want for a much more affordable price.

Rebranding your office completely might mean replacing structural things like doors and flooring and changing furniture.

Rebranding that same office space could also be using architectural decor to your advantage. You could completely transform the look and feel of your premises using vinyl wraps – Wrapping walls, doors, floors, windows, even furniture to match your new brand image. 


Architectural Decor in the Home

Our client enterprises often lead us to people’s individual passion projects. Signage and branding can lend itself excellently to personal projects too, providing the means to make all kinds of imaginative and inventive creations. From hobbies to home renovations! 

One client procured our wrap services for a home renovation project, transforming his home bar into a professional and slick piece of decor. 

Another client had some expensive custom-made cupboards specifically designed and created for their exact space. Unfortunately the client decided they weren’t quite what they wanted aesthetically – And that’s where we came in!

Rather than have the cupboards expensively re-made and replaced, we enabled him to keep the custom cupboards but wrapped them so they matched their vision design-wise as well as physical fit. 

Here are some before and after shots of how transformative a vinyl wrap can be, elevating your space to exactly match your aesthetic vision.


Architectural Decor for Business or Home with Mint Signs

Our vinyl wraps can be used for walls, flooring, windows, tiles, tables, cupboards, desks and other furniture. 

Whether your project is a personal upcycling creation in your home, or a complete rebrand of your business space – Mint Signs are here to help. 

Our expert designers and installers can craft the perfect wrap to fit your vision. Why don’t you start your transformation today by giving us a call?