The A-Board

Also known as the Sandwich Board or Pavement Sign, the classic A-Board is a handy piece of signage that ensures that passers-by won’t miss what you have to offer. 


Here at Mint Signs, we manufacture these from wood in-house. We can do any size, shape and colour – All of our A-Boards are custom built to order and bespoke to each client’s individual brand. 


Why an A-Board?

Not only are A-Boards an aesthetically pleasing way to advertise, they’re also cost effective. With origins thought to date back to 1221, there’s a reason this type of signage has stood the test of time. 


Benefits of the A-Board:

Did you know? 

Fun fact! It’s believed by some historians that this humble sign originated in the town of Sandwich in England in 1221, when a cafe owner displayed their sandwich options on a board of this nature outside each day. 


The proprietor attracted many customers using his unique sign, and went on to earn a living making these special signs for other businesses into his old age. 


In the 19th century, Sandwich Boards (or A-Boards) could be found on nearly every street and alleyway. And they’re still well loved by business owners today!


Paving the way to more customers

Pavement Signs are a brilliant way of displaying important information to passers-by and attracting people into your business. They’re an easy way to reach out to potential customers and boost business footfall.  


Some of the most popular uses of the Pavement Sign are to:


Better still, you can pretty much place them wherever you want! It could be the pavement directly outside your premises, the car park, forecourt or end of a passageway. Wherever you want to grab the attention of passersby and usher them into your business. 


Which A-Board is most popular?

A-Boards are available in all shapes, sizes, materials and forms, with faces from wood to chalkboard to aluminium composite. You can order a traditional Sandwich/A-Board or Pavement Swing Board, manufactured to almost any size.


The most common A-board we produce is manufactured from MDF. It is a strong, long-lasting and versatile material. 90% of our customers go for our popular painted curve-topped wooden A Board. 


Your A-Board will be bespoke to you, painted in your exact brand colours.Their handy size makes them perfect for snap frames to display posters (up to A1 size) or offering plenty of space for acrylic and vinyl designs. 


These A-Board signs can be produced with a range of graphics and materials. Order yours with acrylic, vinyl or a mix of both for a stylish effect. Additional extras for these boards can be included, such as sign holders with interchangeable & removable slats. There are so many possibilities, ensuring that your A-Board will be bespoke and unique to you and your business. 


Client Highlight: Wild Rose

As we mentioned above, this shape is our most popular A Board with our clients, with the majority of businesses choosing this curved top shape with painted finish.

Wild Rose is a fantastic example of how creative you can be with your design, matching your brand identity and overall aesthetic. We love the 3D build up lettering and gold against grey.


Client Highlight: Long Barn

These lovely wooden A-Boards provide a perfect example of how different sizes work well for communicating different messages. 


We love the chalkboard style and rustic wood on these, and the smaller A-Board works brilliantly for their opening hours. 

Client Highlight: Child’s Farm

Another wonderful wooden A-Board with vinyl decals to mirror the vibe of the business operating behind it in the matching van. 


This highlights how easy the A-Boards are to transport and move around – Perfect if you need it out and about on the move! 

Client Highlight: Charters Chandler’s Ford


Charter’s proving that A-Boards don’t always have to be standard-looking or traditional. We love the modern shape of this one, the sharp edges really catching the eye. 


The addition of 3D build-up lettering makes this A-Board really stand out from the crowd. 

Client Highlight: Misho Hair Styling

Here is a lovely example of a wooden A-Board with a snap frame – Making it so quick and easy to change the information you’re sharing via A1 poster. 


Client Highlight: Farnham Chiropractic

If an aluminium frame is more your thing, this example for Farnham Chiropractic clinic shows an alternative option to the wood, complete with snap frame. 


Client Highlight: Ian James Hair and Beauty

Not strictly an A-Board, but this Pavement Sign for Ian James Hair gives a good example of an aluminium framed Pavement Swing Board Sign. A potential alternative option to the more traditional A-Board. 


Ready to order yours?

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