Dynamic Signage for Retail

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Make your bricks-and-mortar shopping experience an unforgettable one...

Effective signage is vital for your retail premises. How you present your business to potential customers is one of the most important ways your business communicates with people. 

We all know that retail is a dynamic and challenging environment. Which is why using unique, innovative signage to transform your brand and interact with consumers is so imperative. In an age where online shopping is prevalent, it’s essential that you make your bricks-and-mortar customer retail experience an unforgettable one – For all the right reasons. 

The signage you choose has the ability to draw people in, show them what your business is all about, showcase what you’re selling and even journey with a prospective client from their first steps through the door to the point of purchase. 

Every element of retail signage has the opportunity to reinforce your brand, communicate important information and increase familiarity with your logo, associated artwork and overall personality of your business.

Could you increase your sales and ROI by creating compelling signage for your retail outlet? Boost your branding efforts and guide customers in the right direction with dynamic new signage from Mint Signs. 


What types of signage do I need for my retail store?

Whether you’ve just acquired brand new retail premises or you’re looking for a bit of a re-brand or freshen up of your current store, we’ve got a wide range of effective, eye-catching signage options to meet your needs. 

So what signage do you need for your retail unit?

External Signage for Retail

What are the purposes of external retail signs?

It makes sense that as often the first thing that people see, your external retail sign has a very important job to do! So it needs to be visually impactful and easy to read. 

Research shows that people form a first impression of a person within just 7 seconds – So using that same premise, you’ve got less than 10 seconds for your external signage to reach out to potential customers and make a good first impression, resulting in them coming in. 

Fascia Signs

When dreaming about your store, it’s probably the fascia signage that’s featured most in your mind’s eye. These signs sit front and centre of your business, and have been around since ancient times – Before marketing, advertising and branding were even really a thing! 

Your fascia sign should be easily recognisable as your business and brand – Think font, colours and styling. The rest of your branding will stem from this sign – It needs to be a cohesive set so that everything complements and works well together.

You might also want to consider what it will look like at night or when visibility is poor due to the weather. Would LED lighting help your business to stand out even more? It doesn’t have to be mega expensive to be effectively illuminated.

Mint Signs Top Tip! Supplementary signage makes a fantastic accompaniment to your main fascia signage. Signs like Projection and Swing signage look great and quite literally make your store stand out from the crowd. Wayfinding signage can help potential customers find you before they’ve even had the pleasure of seeing your fascia and reaching your door. Boost your brand awareness whilst giving your customers a helping hand to find you (instead of your competitors!).

Fascia Signage from Mint Signs

Here at Mint Signs we can create a range of Fascias to draw attention to your business. Our range includes tray signs made from aluminium, 3D build up signs, illuminated signs and more.

Trays Signs can be fitted over existing fascia panels and can be made to any colour. With this, we can colour match exactly to your branding without the need for paint. Vital for that cohesively branded look. 

Materials for fascias can include the full gamut that we have to offer. We can produce ACM sign trays with vinyl or Acrylic lettering to install over the storefront. Or you can have laser-cut acrylic logo and lettering on stand-offs with backlighting for an extra pop. If you’re looking for a more traditional sign, we offer wooden framed signs and even hand-painted signage. 

We use the best quality materials that are built to withstand the seasons, making your sign long-lasting.

Window Vinyl and Decals for Retail

Where do the eyes of potential customers go after your fascia? The windows! 

Your storefront windows are the perfect spot for some personality and flair whilst advertising your products / services and sharing some extra information. 

The great thing about window vinyl is you can be about as creative as your mind allows, as well as not having to compromise on how much light is let in due to the range of different options available. Is your point of sale situated by the window? A bit of clever vinyl can be just the solution to offer a bit of privacy and seclusion. 

We can also offer one-way graphics, which work excellently for privacy needs as customers can see out but passers-by can’t see in. It’s made from a material called Contravision which is a perforated vinyl material that allows us to print any design on it. Suitable for use on all windows, it offers excellent privacy as well as clear vision from the inside. Perfect for any business wanting to maximise their shopfront advertising space without losing the outside.

Window Vinyl and Decals from Mint Signs

Window graphics are available in a wide range of colours and tints. We offer window etch in a range of shades to give a frosted effect for privacy. Our sign making equipment allows for etch to be cut to include text and graphics such as business logos. We can almost make window graphics in smaller form, such as stickers or decals.

We can print and cut any colour of vinyl to ensure your branding is always on point. No window is too big or small and no design is off limits.

A-Boards for Retail

So you’ve grabbed the attention of your prospective customer with your fascia sign, illustrated a bit of your business’ personality through some clever window graphics – What next? Should this potential customer continue their steps away from your storefront, you’ve got one last chance to pull them in – With the traditional yet trusty A-Board. 

A-Boards, otherwise known as Pavement Signs, literally pave the way for more visitors to your shop. Pavement signs are a great way to increase your business footfall and display important information. Use these boards anywhere from pavements to car parks, forecourts and more. The choice is yours.

A-Boards and Pavement Signs from Mint Signs

A-Boards are available in all shapes, sizes, materials and forms. You can order a traditional Sandwich/A-Board or Pavement Swing Board, manufactured to almost any size. The most common A-board we produce is manufactured from MDF. It is a strong, long-lasting and versatile material.

We will paint them any colour to match your branding exactly. They are the perfect size, offering plenty of space for acrylic, vinyl or snap-frames to suit posters up to A1 in size.

You can have your pavement sign cut to almost any shape. Other materials for Sandwich Board faces include chalkboard and aluminium composite.

We’ve dedicated an entire blog article to our range of A-Boards – You can check it out here. 

Internal Signage and Wall Graphics for Retail

Once your prospective customer is through the door of your shop, what do you want and need your internal signage to communicate to your customer or inspire them to do?

Internal signage within your retail space has the power to:

Imagine the wall space in your store. Now think about all that space as being rent free ad space! How could you best utilise that opportunity? 

Nowadays we live in a world where many customers are seeking an Instagrammable aesthetic wherever they go – They’re not just shopping to make a purchase, they’re seeking a shareable experience. 

Wall graphics have the potential not just to serve a purpose (like directing them to the pay desk) but to also make your customers laugh – Maybe even encourage a quick snap on their smartphone that’s quickly uploaded and shared on social media. Your retail signage could be a Story in itself! 

The ultimate aim is to invite and inspire customers to make a purchase and want to return in the future. 

Wall Graphics from Mint Signs 

Wall Graphics can be made to a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. They are used to transform blank, boring walls into something fun and inspiring. Whether you’re looking to use bespoke wallpaper, add an inspirational word wall or simply apply vinyl branding, we have you covered.

We work with cut vinyl, digital prints and wallpaper to create the perfect custom-design for you. Vinyl graphics can be coupled with laser-cut, coloured acrylic to offer something unique. They can be used for wayfinding or simply to welcome people into your store. Perfect for retail use. 

Mint Signs Top Tip! Point of Sale areas and Dressing Rooms are often the places where customers spend the most time standing around – Prime brand-building areas! These are excellent places to make best use of creative wall graphics and signage. Even better if they tempt customers into taking a photo they’ll later share on social media! Free advertising? Yes please!  

Not a trained designer?

That’s okay – We are! 

If all this retail signage talk has got you excited at what you could do for your brand and store, but you’re not a trained designer and you’re unsure where to start, then don’t panic – That’s what our in-house designers are for! 

Our talented team at Mint Signs can take you all the way from the design process to installation. We’re excited to show you just what your brand can do in your retail space. Get in touch with us today.