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A diverse range of signage for the education sector...

Here at Mint Signs we do a lot of signage for many different educational institutions across Hampshire and further afield. 

From Panel and Post signs to huge mural-style wall coverings, we’ve got everything your school or college campus needs when it comes to vibrant, stand-out signage. 

Current clients include Winchester schools like Kings and Twyford as well as larger educational institutions and campuses like Oasis Academy Shirley Park (through local design agency EPLS) and the University of Winchester and University of Southampton. 

On Brand

An organisation’s brand identity is vital – It’s so important for businesses to get their branding right. Effective, eye-catching signage is a huge part of that – And it’s no different for the education sector. 

Schools, colleges and universities are communities of people. Designing and creating on-brand signage means these educational institutions can evoke a feeling of togetherness and belonging amongst staff, pupils, parents and visitors. 

New signage could be just the refresh a school or college needs to attract new students to their community and instil a sense of pride in their current cohort. 

Project Highlight: Oasis Academy, Shirley Park

This mixed all-through school located within the Ashburton Learning Village complex in the Woodside area of Croydon, Greater London provides education to both primary and secondary age children as well as providing sixth form education. 

We’ve worked closely with Winchester design agency EPLS for this education client, creating the physical signage from the agency’s design work. This job was a straightforward print and install operation. 

This academy campus client is a perfect example of how our extensive range of signage options can fit a wide brief. From external Panel and Post Signage to internal Wall Panels, Wallpaper and Flags. 

This campus is looking vibrant and inviting, keeping in-line with their brand values.

Project Highlight: University of Winchester

The University of Winchester is a public research university based in the city of Winchester, Hampshire. It was established in 2005, but has origins tracing as far back as 1840.

We’ve provided a wide and varying range of signage for them, providing a solution to a multitude of signage needs. 

Our business is mercurial by nature. Whilst we are more than happy to provide just the print and install service side of things like the client above, we also enjoy getting our teeth into a design challenge. 

We recently made these Way-finding Bollard Sleeves for University of Winchester’s Open Day to provide directions. We then developed a prototype for the same shape but 3 times the size which could be weighted in the bottom. As these needed to be built on location along the route, we made the build completely tool-less to keep things simple. In the words of our client, they were ‘awesome’ – And we’d be inclined to agree! 

This branded stand-alone signage is certain to draw the eye at any event or conference.

Project Highlight: Kings School

Surrounded by greenery and the distant hills of the South Downs, Kings’ School provides secondary education in the heart of Winchester city and prides itself on its location and the facilities on offer.  

With King’s School signage, there is an undercurrent of pride and motivation that runs through. 

Sports is an important part of student life at Kings. These 10m x 2.5m printed mesh banners are a striking way to instil pride into pupils and keep up team morale throughout sports matches. 

Part of their motto at Kings is Inspiring Futures – A theme that features throughout their signage and across the school campus. We’ve provided various impactful vinyl wall graphics to adorn corridors and areas of high footfall including a large internal King’s sign with shield logo. 

By the main entrance, we installed large external 3D Build Up signage. We loved how the gold worked with the brickwork on this one. 

True to the latin meaning of their logo motto ‘una laborantes’, we’ve been ‘working together’ with King’s on signage that stands proud to their school community. 

Project Highlight: Twyford School

Twyford School is an outstanding co-ed prep school for 2-13 year olds, nestled in the beautiful Hampshire countryside, 3 miles outside Winchester.

Twyford School keeps their signage traditional with these professional Panel and Post and Wooden Frame with light signage. 

Throughout their school site they have many different wall signs, all meeting a purpose whether it’s way-finding or information.

Project Highlight: Knights Enham Junior School 

This junior school based in Andover, Hampshire is creative and warm in their approach to school signage. 

Pupils, staff, parents and visitors are welcomed to the school by a collective of knights, waving the flag of their core values – A really imaginative use of wall vinyl.

This inventiveness continues with the use of wall vinyl as the background to an ornate clock – We love how this turned out. 

Project Highlight: Havant & South Downs College

The site at HSDC is adorned with plenty of bespoke wallpapers and illuminated signs, creating a vibrant, striking atmosphere on campus.

If you’re looking for the wow-factor then light boxes and illuminated signs could be just the thing. Perfect for creating a strong first impression when people enter the building – And especially impactful for Open Days and new visitors.

Project Highlight: Isle of Wight College

Something a little different to some of the other signage we’ve shared here. This is a bespoke branded canopy that we built for Isle of Wight College. This consisted of a cladded canopy with attached sign tray for the outside and some backlit flex-face graphics for the inside.

If you have a vision, then we can help make it a reality.

Signage for Education and Schools with Mint Signs

We have a wealth of experience and expertise working with schools, colleges and Universities to provide solutions to a wide range of signage requirements. 

Whether it’s to add a touch of creativity and inspiration to corridors with imaginative Wall Vinyl, welcoming visitors to your site with traditional Panel and Post Signs or refreshing your main school sign with new Fascia Signage or 3D Build Up lettering, Mint Signs can help.

We can take you right through from the design stages to print and installation, as well as printing and installing your own designs. 

For more information on how Mint Signs can help with your school or campus signage, please get in touch with us today.