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Transform the walls of your home or office space with Wallpaper and Wall Graphics...

Never underestimate what you can do with a bit of wall space. It’s incredible how imagination, creativity and clever printing can transform a blank wall into something that can evoke whatever feeling you want. All with something as simple as wall graphics and wallpaper!


Wallpaper for Business

Whether you want to provide a constant reminder of your business goals and affirmations for your team of call handlers, or perhaps immerse your customers in a sea of dreamy lavender whilst they peruse your products, here at Mint Signs we can help you design and create bespoke wallpaper that’s unique to you and your business. 


From bold, bright prints to stylish and understated; Motivating and energising or soothing and calm; Fun and friendly to striking and impactful. We can do it all from our Hampshire based studio on the outskirts of Winchester. 


Let us share some of our favourite wallpapers that we’ve created for our customers over the years. 

Project Highlight: Sketched Cathedral

This pencil-drawing-effect wallpaper of the cathedral perfectly illustrates how something so simple – even monochrome – can help a blank wall evolve into something creative, inspiring and thought provoking.

Project Highlight: Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium

A great example of how our bespoke wallpaper can glide over curved surfaces as well as standard flat walls. 


We love how the imagery on this almost transports you into space and guides you through the planetarium doors. 

Project Highlight: Long Barn – Painted Lavender Fields


We hinted at this particular client above – They illustrate perfectly how some bespoke wallpaper can evoke an entire mood and help your business to transcend into your customer’s psyche. 


We all know how relaxing the scent of lavender is, but this beautiful painted mural wallpaper of the lavender fields really immerses their customers in the full experience whilst they’re browsing. 


Project Highlight: Marwell Zoo 


As you may know, we do a lot of work for Marwell, providing a large range of signage and display options throughout the zoo. 


This particular use of graphics is in their lunch hall area for visitors on school trips. We just love how this use of bright, engaging wallpaper creates an inviting area for young children to cosy up and eat their lunch. It’s almost like picnicking in the African savannah amongst the giraffes!


You can find more of our wallpaper in the lemur walkthrough, illustrating once again how wallpaper can transform any area of footfall into a more immersive experience.

Project Highlight: Beaumont Shutters and Blinds


We know with wallpaper, the clue is in the name, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box! 


For Beaumont, we provided this bespoke, branded wallpaper for the floor of this desked area – Just proving that there’s no space that can’t be used for reaching out to customers! 

Project Highlight: Restaurant

Another beautiful mural-style wallpaper, this time for a restaurant. Using wallpaper like this gives a business a more authentic feel than just a block of colour on the walls, enveloping customers in culture through the environment they’re sitting in rather than just the food they’re eating. 

Project Highlight: Charters Estate Agents 


Why have blank wall space when you can adorn it with motivational affirmations for your team? 


Even employees with the best work ethic can feel a bit flat some days or have a bit of a dip in energy. A manager can’t always be there to reassure a colleague after a particularly tricky customer call, but these motivational phrases can be there for whenever an employee looks up and needs a bit of encouragement.


We have quite a few clients that have a similar ethos in their offices, with bespoke wallpaper and wall graphics providing the perfect pep talk.

Project Highlight: Branded Logo Wallpaper


These wallpapers from Barcelos and Rooster Shack are a fantastic example of how you can plaster your walls in your logo and slogans. Particularly popular with fast food restaurants, these tend to be impactful, eye-catching and vibrant.  

Wall Graphics for Business


We’ve talked about Wallpaper, now it’s the turn of Wall Graphics.


What’s the difference? Well, Wall Graphics are a great choice if you want to add a bit of colour to your space through text, a logo or image without it having to cover the whole wall. 


These are great for businesses who want to add some branding or character to their premises – Internally or externally. 


External Wall Graphics for Business


Let’s start with some examples of external wall graphics that some of our clients have created for their business premises. These wall graphics are made from vinyl – They are long-lasting and resistant to the elements


Project Highlight: University of Portsmouth

Can you think of a better way to individualise a Halls of Residence? We love this mural style wall graphic full of vibrancy and colour.

Project Highlight: Theatre Royal Winchester

A cool and quirky way of quite literally shouting about your business from the rooftops. This external wall graphic option grabs the attention of passersby and demands the observer takes notice. 

Project Highlight: University of Southampton Science Park

It’s aptly innovative Wall Graphics for the Innovation Centre at University of Southampton Science Park. 


Impactful and eye-catching, this wraps the corner of the building beautifully whilst providing noticeable signage. 

Internal Wall Graphics for Business

Next up it’s some of our popular internal Wall Graphics styles that are commonly used by our business clients. 

Project Highlight: University of Winchester


We do a lot of work with the University of Winchester and have been privileged to see how wall graphics have transformed internal and external spaces around campus. 


This particular example of gold lettering on purple gives a feeling of familiarity and belonging, using their key colours. 

Project Highlight: Anesco


Sometimes all you need is your company name and/ or a logo to make enough of an impact. The black text on a vibrant green background for Anesco looks striking and impactful. 

Project Highlight: Peagreen Primary School


The walls of this primary school are adorned with woodland creatures and scenes, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for the children who attend. 


This type of wall graphic would also work really well in a doctor’s waiting room or hospital triage area for children. Less clinical and more cheerful to put young people at ease.  


Project Highlight: Jogging On


This fun wall graphic for Winchester based gym Jogging On, turns that familiar image of the evolution of man into an amusing take on that gym bod transformation.


A straightforward silhouette along with the brand name that’s bound to bring a smile to those working out. 

Project Highlight: Sass and Grace

Wall graphics are a great way to fill otherwise unusable space. This text for Sass and Grace really draws the eye upwards into that beautiful barn roof space, enhancing the sumptuous ambience in this luxury boutique. 

Wallpaper and Wall Graphics for Home Decor and Personal Projects

It’s not just businesses that can make use of bespoke Wallpaper and Wall Graphics – They are fantastic for home decor too.


Turn your vision for your home into a reality and transform your living space into something unique to you. Let us help brighten up your walls with a range of bespoke art, graphics and more. 


Perhaps a forest scene for the backdrop of your living room or a world map to tick off the places you’ve visited from your bucket list. 


Woodland animals also make a wonderful addition to a nursery or children’s playroom. 


Whether you’ve got your own design or would like some creative assistance, we can help add some Wallpaper or Wall Graphics magic to make your house a home. 

Wallpaper and Wall Graphics for Home and Business


If you’ve got a vision in mind for your home or business, then let us help you realise it! Whether it’s large or small, bright and bold or subtle and sophisticated – We can help create the bespoke imagery you need to decorate your living or work space. 


Contact us today and speak to our friendly design team to see how we can enhance your home or business space with some creative Wall Graphics and Wallpaper.