High-End, Luxury Branding

This high-end, luxury brand has been choosing Mint Signs for their company signage for the past few years. In that short time, we’ve had the pleasure of creating some amazing pieces of signage for their offices and product launches – From architectural decor, to unique and innovative stand-alone products. 

We love the chance for some truly bespoke, out-the-box thinking and this client gives us the chance to really get our teeth into some show-stopping signage. 

Brand Identity 

This brand drips luxury and class. Their style is immersive and slick, wrapping potential customers in a tangible passion for what their brand is all about. 

Just a few moments in this brand’s presence – Whether that’s their Hampshire based office premises or whilst perusing their website – And you want their products in your bag. 

Here at Mint Signs, we’re committed to taking the feelings evoked by a brand and bringing them to life through bespoke signage and innovative products. You’ll see from the product highlights below exactly how we’ve done this for this high-end client. 

Product Highlight: 2023 Launch Event 

Their 2023 product launch event was all very hush-hush so we’re only just able to talk about it now. 

Understandably, the client wanted the launch to be a real show-stopper – Hence why all the products needed to be kept under wraps until after the event. 

The client had some numbering from their previous year’s launch, so we were set the challenge to create a number 3 in the same style to complete their ‘2023’ signage. 

We matched the 3 to the previous years numbering perfectly, and the finished product was a knockout, complete with ultra-violet paint. The effect of the red with the black, with lights off, was really striking – Just what the client wanted. 

The ultra-violet paint was also a feature on other elements of the launch. 


Product Highlight: Wall Graphic Art

The walls at the launch were adorned with wall graphic art which were also coated in ultra-violet paint. Guests were given torches to light their way down the corridors – Everything glowed. 

The signage for this event was unforgettable and impactful – Everything you would want for a successful product launch. 

Product Highlight: Fabric Wall Art

The Hampshire based offices for this brand are furnished with many pieces of eye-catching fabric wall art. Empty, boring walls are not a feature of their premises! 

These are created using flex-face – Basically fabric in a frame. They are a fantastic way of adding colour and imagery to any space – For working or events. 

Having wall art wherever you look is how this brand showcases their products and utilises wall space that would otherwise be empty. 

Product Highlight: 3D Lettering

3D build-up signage is a brilliant way to create eye-catching lettering and signs that demand attention. 

This brand uses 3D lettering for wall signage in their office space, in-keeping with their luxury brand identity. 

Product Highlight: Architectural Decor

Over in our Insights section, you might have read about a custom wrapped table in our article on Architectural Decor. 

This particular project was to wrap a table in carbon fibre – An excellent example of how using a vinyl wrap can completely transform your business or event space.

Using wraps on architectural decor can completely transform the look and feel of a space or piece of furniture. 

In this case, the carbon fibre table wrap was in-keeping with the brand identity and kept everything – From signage to furnishings – on-brand to their core aesthetic. 

Innovative Bespoke Signage for Business and Event Space

We are immensely proud of the products created for this luxury brand – They really pack a punch! Striking and slick, everything from the UV coated signage to fabric wall art serve to create a complete and cohesive look to their work space and product launch signage. 

From hand finished wrapped furnishings to bespoke builds, this client gives us a creative challenge that we are thrilled to meet head on time after time. 

We’re excited to see what signage and bespoke products we’ll be creating for this high-end brand next. Did you know you can keep up with our latest signage creations over on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages? Give us a follow to see more!